The 18 Podcasts I Can’t Stop Listening To

I may have a problem. A podcast problem. Is it possible to over-podcast?

I’ve forever been a lover of learning, and in today’s fast-paced world where sitting down to read a book or a new research publishing is so hard to do, podcasts are my favorite vessel for soaking in information and knowledge and truth. So since I love them so much, and I’m forever an over-sharer of the things I love, I wanted to sing the praises of my favorites and share them with you (and a favorite episode from each so you can have a good starting place to test them out).

I may have earned my degree in dietetics and nutritional sciences 3.5 years ago, but I never left school. You better believe I love consuming the latest research in nutrition and functional medicine while I’m driving and walking Gunner in the mornings. Here are my favorite trusty sources:

The Doctor's Farmacy | Y'all already know my love fest for Dr. Mark Hyman is real. So real. He's one of the only doctors I've found that I seem to agree with 99.9% of what he says. And I think that's because he does such an amazing job of staying unbiased. He really represents the purity of medicine, of seeking the best for the patient and diving into the underlying causes, without getting too wrapped up in the politics or the ego. I've found I love pretty much everything he's ever done, and his new podcast is no exception. He hosts lots of big leaders inside and outside the health space to discuss important topics, often around the social and political implications food has on our society. And something I've loved seeing from him is that he hosts people that don't promote his own message. The Dan Buettner episode is a great example. Dr. Hyman generally recommends a “pegan” lifestyle without grains, and his guest talks all about his love for them. Their discussion around it encourages me that we CAN have healthy and fruitful conversations with people that don't agree and we can dive into the science without pushing our own agendas. Clearly, I'm in love. Favorite Episode: Nina Teicholz on Butter, Meat and The Science and Politics of Nutrition

The Model Health Show | Oh, man, Shawn Stevenson. What a dude. He's everything and more. And his voice is just as sexy as his rockin' bod, so that doesn't hurt the appeal of his show. Can I say that? But really, this show is likely my all-time favorite in the health arena. Shawn hosts SO many amazing guests, he hosts them well, and he covers all sorts of topics. He really does such a phenomenal job of covering the science and the research (what the nutritionist in me misses from many other shows), but he breaks it down to be really digestible and understandable (what the human trying to live a better life from all areas needs). Truly, subscribe to the Model Health Show and just start bingeing every episode you can get your hands on. And there are over 300 so don't be like me and hold back with the fear of running out. You will not be disappointed. Favorite Episode: Protect Your Mental Energy, Attention Residue & Deep Work with Cal Newport

Feel Better, Live More with Dr. Chatterjee | I actually discovered Dr. Chatterjee through one of Shawn Stevenson's old episodes (This seems to be the way it always happens. I discovered Shawn when Dr. Hyman was on.) and I just immediately fell in love. He is a London based doctor who has really nailed down how to deliver the overwhelming health information that is constantly being thrown at us in digestible and actionable steps. He's written a book called The 4 Pillar Plan that discusses how our health is as simple as Eat, Sleep, Move and Relax. He hosts guests on his podcasts and discusses with them their own work, but it always comes back to simplifying our health information to these 4 easy areas. Huge, huge fan. Favorite Episode: How to Be Well With Dr. Frank Lipman

The School of Greatness | Another one of my OG podcasts, I’m in love with the School of Greatness for the wide variety of guests and topics Lewis brings to the table. My first listen was Mark Hyman’s episode all about functional medicine, but I love that Lewis is forever bringing all stars from all aspects of health, sport, business, and spirituality. Favorite Episode: Love Everyone Always with Bob Goff

The Cabral Concept | Another king of functional medicine, Dr. Cabral is an everflowing fountain of knowledge for natural healing and holistic wellness. I've sought him out in my healing journey and I haven't been disappointed with allll he has to offer. Favorite Episode: 978 How Stress Shuts Down Female Hormones & Fertility 

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu | I’ve only scratched the surface on the Impact Theory episodes, but the ones I’ve listened to I’ve totally loved. Like The School of Greatness, this one covers all sorts of topics for a well lived life. Tom has a cool story from developing Quest Nutrition to changing his approach to food entirely, and he brings that humility to his interviews of awesome people. Favorite Episode: #95 Rich Roll on Why Your Excuses Will Ruin You 

Broken Brain with Thru Purohit | Another Mark Hyman project (I just can't NOT with him), The Broken Brain was a documentary series Dr. Hyman collaborated on about how he got sick and how he healed himself and the widespread brain issues we're seeing in our society these days. This podcast was an extension of that documentary, and I've found it's packed with lots of holistic health gold. Favorite Episode: #35 A Holistic Approach to Balancing Your Hormones with Dr. Shawn Tassone

Balanced Bites: A Modern Take on Paleo Living | This is one of the first podcasts I listened to when I tried out podcasting. I must say, I don't listen religiously now as much as I used to because I just find myself craving more of the holistic information these other ones offer, but I still have the Balanced Bites in my library and I'll check them out when their new episodes sound particularly interesting. Or I'll search specifically for a topic I'm curious about, like Vitamin D or grains. They do have really great information and I love Liz and Diane. It's been fun to watch (listen?) as their content has progressed with them. Favorite Episode: #350: All About Autoimmune Conditions with Dr. Amy Myers

I will forever love stuffing my ears with the latest research in nutritional sciences and health and wellness, but it's also really important for me to set boundaries around that. It's easy for me to make food and nutrition an idol in my life and not remember that my spiritual wellness is the most important aspect of my health. I have to make sure the first thing I do every day is remind myself of Truth, and I’m making sure I balance any worldly intake with the good Heavenly stuff. Here are my favorite soul-filling, heart-centering ways to soak up Truth:

The Porch | The Porch is a ministry of my church specifically geared toward young adults. And it's the ministry that changed my life, when I thought I would forever be wrapped in shame over my disordered eating and yucky past. It's essentially a weekly worship service + message that speak the truth of who God is into the millennial generation – to help us to fight the broken culture of this world and navigate what it looks like to find freedom among a shaming culture. For years I've been watching the messages through video online, but now that it's a podcast, it's easy to pop one on as I'm driving or start my day with one while I walk Gunner with the sunrise. Favorite Episode: Pride & Humility 

Views from the Porch | Although the above podcast is simply just the preached messages turned into podcast form, just a few months ago the Porch ministry started an actual podcast. Two of our pastors tackle big topics like dating and finding purpose and how to inform the way we approach these topics with God's word. When the long sermons are a little much, I've been enjoying these shorter conversations to still challenge my thinking and speak truth into my heart. Favorite Episode: Attacking Anxiety

Go + Tell Gals | You already know my infatuation with Jess Connolly. She’s such a mighty woman of God, and I love that she created this podcast to interview other amazing women and sing praises of the ways God is moving in their worlds. If you want to be a woman on mission for the Kingdom, these short episodes are always an inspiration. Favorite Episode: Episode 10 | Raechel Myers

Dear Daughters | My friend Sarah introduced me to Susie Davis and this super sweet podcast. I haven’t gotten through all the episodes, but the ones I’ve listened to I’ve totally loved. Susie is like the second spiritual mama you’re missing in your life, and I love everything she’s doing with this podcast. Favorite Episode: Boundaries for Your Soul | Alison Cook | DD 66

Marriage After God | Oh, this podcast was literally a godsend. Cas and I had had a particularly hard week in the midst of my anxiety-soaked illness. I was waiting in line at Costco for gas. I opened Instagram and somehow accidentally clicked on IgTV (a place I never navigate to). Aaron and Jennifer pop up promoting their newest episode titled “What to Do After a Fight” and it was every single thing I needed to hear that day. This podcast offers this broken world such truth about the hope in marriage. And their episodes offer a great balance between scripture + practical advice. If you’re a married woman that wants to love and serve her husband well, give this one a few minutes every week. Favorite Episode: Making Time Count In Your Marriage

The Real Life Podcast | I've known of Jeff for a long time, and I've followed Alyssa for a while, but for some reason I only recently added their podcast to my library but my goodness I'm so so glad I did! They cover such important topics with a fresh and real perspective. And they bring practical and tangible options to the table. They’re strong believers and they twist their spiritual beliefs into everything, but they cover more than just theology, and I love the way they do it. Favorite Episode: Where Self Care Becomes a Counterfeit

I have to say, this is the category I was hesitant to break into. I was already plenty busy with the above podcasts, and I’m really cautious about what (and how much) I intake. But as the hubs and I work on building our business from the ground up (with absolutely noooo idea what we're doing), I want to be humble enough to know I need all the help I can get. I’ve chosen a few business-oriented podcasts as sources to learn something helpful for us in our crazy endeavor.  

The She Podcast | I wasn’t sure which category to stick this one under. Jordan is an amazing Christian blogger + speaker + writer and I’ve always found her to be a great source of spiritual nourishment. But this podcast is more than that – she offers insanely practical tips to live a more full life. I’ve taken something really tangible and practical away from each episode, and that’s rarer than it should be. Favorite Episode: Virtuous Woman and Boss Lady – Are They Mutually Exclusive? 

The Goal Digger Podcast | Oh, sweet Jenna Kutcher. I first discovered her through her viral instagram post about being a curvy woman with a fit husband. And then I read another caption about losing a baby and trusting in the Lord. And I immediately fell in love. And in love I’ve stayed. She’s such a boss babe and I love the ways she shares her talents and skills. Her podcast is packed with such great advice for any woman wanting to build something for herself. Favorite Episode: 17 How to Live Your Truth in a World Telling Lies with Jessamyn Stanley 

The Influencer Podcast | I hate the term influencer. And I’m really cautious about the way I approach the subject. And I’ll be frank that I haven’t listened to a lot of the episodes on purpose. But I am a creative that loves sharing her story on her blog. Y’all know I am very intentional about the way I interact with this blog and this audience, and out of a desire to serve y’all in the best way I can, I’ve sought specific advice and Julie sure is a wealth of knowledge. Favorite Episode: 081 | How to Find Your Purpose, Clarify Your Strategy and Uplevel Your Influence

Cultivate Your Life with Lara Casey | You know from last month's blog post about my 2019 goals that my admiration for Lara Casey's Cultivate What Matters team runs deep. A mere few weeks into using their system and my life is changed. Lara is something special and I'm soooo glad she started this podcast. Favorite Episode: She Believed She Couldn't

Lol. I told you I listen to a lot of podcasts. Praise for this awesome technology that allows us to learn and worship and connect from anywhere. What are your favorite subscribes? If you check out any of my recommendations, I’d love to hear what you think! Tag me @mollie.mason on the ‘gram with your listens- let’s share these amazing pods with the world! xx, molls



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