Why I Start Every Morning With This Shot

I’m working on a blog post specifically about how I start my mornings and all the things I commit to doing every.single.day. But as I started writing, I realized there’s one part of my morning routine that just deserved to have a blog post all of its own: my gut shot.

I’ve been a fan of greens powders for a long time. Well, that’s not true. I’ve been a consumer of greens powders for a long time. And it was often a love-hate relationship. Because let’s be real, most greens are gross. And the hunt for the perfect one was long and arduous, full of chalky gags or not-so-good ingredients that tried to mask the taste. But I found my perfect one. Meet BIOHM Organic Super Greens + Probiotic.

Reasons I love BIOHM more than (allll) the other greens I’ve tried:

It tastes good.

Seriously. Like, really good. It’s flavored with blueberry and sweetened with monk fruit (a natural, calorie-free sweetener). I genuinely find myself craving the sweet and refreshing taste. But even more than the flavor, it’s smooth. I can down anything with a not-so-perfect flavor, but it’s the texture of greens that always keeps me from committing. That gritty texture that won’t actually dissolve- that you feel as they go down. Ew. I’m honestly gagging just typing that out. I’ve found that to be an issue to some degree or another with every greens powder I’ve tried. Until BIOHM. These are so. darn. smooth. No texture to them at all. A miracle indeed.

It contains a great variety of greens.

There are plenty of powders out there that have a few greens in them. And sure, that’s great. But if I’m going to take something, I want it to pump me with allll the greens I can possibly get. BIOHM packs in spirulina, barley grass, alfalfa leaf, wheat grass, chlorella, dulse, spinach leaf, broccoli, parsley, and kale. And each one offers different nutrients and minerals for my cells. Therefore, max greens power.

It also includes other powerhouse superfoods.

Licorice root helps leaky gut and adrenal fatigue. Milk thistle seed detoxes the liver. Siberian eleuthero root boosts mental clarity and stamina. Beet root reduces free radicals. Rose hips slow aging. Acai supports heart health. Green tea leaf burns fat. Raspberry leaf aids nausea. Blueberry reduces DNA damage. Goji berry improves blood sugar stabilization. Bilberry improves eyesight. (I had honestly never heard of bilberry before this product!) Ashwagandha heals thyroid issues. (Another blog post to come on how I've supplemented with it.) Rhodiola reduces anxiety. Reishi boosts immunity. Maca stabilizes hormones. (Why it makes an appearance in my famous Bulletproof Superfood Coffee Creamer!) Bee pollen helps alleviate allergies. Nettle leaf heals eczema. Gingko bilboa improves cognitive health. Royal jelly helps Alzheimers. How much more could you ask for??

AND it includes all parts of the digestive support components.

Most supplements may include probiotics, or prebiotics, or digestive enzymes. But BIOHM includes all 3 together. This is such a genius design because we really need all three parts for proper digestion, so taking them all at once is a cool way to ensure you're supporting all parts of your system. (If you can’t tell, I’m fangirling over their ingredients.)

It’s HSA + FSA eligible.

How cool is that?? I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent being so infuriated that my husband’s super amazing health insurance plan will cover the antibiotics or steroid creams docs want to prescribe me, but it won’t cover the proven natural supplements I take or the organic food I buy. It gets my blood boiling. Which makes it all the more amazing that BIOHM is eligible!  

So you can definitely mix these powerhouse goodies up in a tall glass of water, but I’ve actually fallen in love with taking them as a shot. I saved these 2 oz shot glasses from a pack of ginger shots I purchased a while back (but you can buy similar ones here) and now I just prep my BIOHM shots every Sunday with the rest of my meal prep. I use a funnel to pour a scoop in, I add in some clean water from my Berkey Water Filter, and I shake ‘em up. Then I stack them all in the fridge and it’s literally the first thing I reach for every morning at 4:48am (yes, even before my coffee). By preparing them at the beginning of the week, it just takes all the work out from having to get them out each morning and pour them in and shake them up. I realize that might sound silly because it’s not that hard, but I’m a huge believer that the more we can automate habits we want to integrate, the more we actually stick to them. And these shots are the perfect example (just like my time-saving Bulletproof Superfood Coffee Creamer).

I’ve got quite the arsenal of supplements and superfoods I use to boost my health and naturally heal my issues, but I can totally understand that supplements can be overwhelming. Which should you take? How do you know which ones are good? How do you not drop your entire month’s grocery budget into all the pricey brands everyone seems to rave about?

I’ve long said if you only take one supplement it should be a probiotic. But I’m replacing that with: If you only take one supplement, it should be the one that packs a multivitamin, a probiotic, a prebiotic and digestive enzymes all in one. Look no further.

If you're now convinced you need this in your life as much as I do, BIOHM has generously given me a discount code to share with y'all so you can try it! Use “MOLLIE” when you check out on their website for 20% off your purchase!

BIOHM Super Greens | glass shot bottles | funnels | Berkey Water Filter

Affiliate info: BIOHM did not ask me to write this blog post. I decided to write this all up for y’all because I genuinely love this product so much and I want you to know the details of why. I do make a small commission if you make a purchase with my discount code, and I would share this product with you even if I didn’t. I hope you love it as much as I do! xx, molls

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  1. Jane says:

    Hi Mollie!
    I just bought these greens as well as the shot glasses on Amazon (thanks for that tip!). I’m just wondering- do you still use a full scoop of the powder even though there’s only a tiny amount of water in there? Just curious. I guess that’s why it’s a shot. More concentrated?

    • Mollie Mason says:

      Hi Jane, great question! Yes, I do still use a full scoop. It’s concentrated but not overwhelming. I like it that way. So glad you’re hopping on the green shot train. Come back and let me know how you like it! xx

      • Jane says:

        Ok makes sense and I will! I make your superfoods bulletproof creamer every week too and it has been a game changer! I have MS and so many of my issues I know stem from leaky gut so I find the posts on your blog so helpful. Thanks for doing all the leg work for us!

  2. Mike Davis says:

    do you still take a digestive enzyme supplement or are these greens enough & is it ok for people with celiac .

    • Mollie Mason says:

      Great question! I do still take the digestive enzymes occasionally when I eat something that I know I’ll need extra support digesting, but not on the regular. I find my morning green shot is enough to aid it on its own!

      And yes! I have celiac and respond well to this supplement!

      Hope it helps you, too!

  3. Sherri Burich says:

    Hi Mollie,
    I’m sure my body is overrun with yeast, as I’ve been on antibiotics for years! Due to who knows why, I cannot empty my bladder, so I have to self cath, along with urinating 20+ times a day. After almost becoming antibiotic resistant, I was placed on Macrobid, prophylactic.
    I have developed RA, and what the doctors have labeled, IBS. I’m pretty sure much of what I’m dealing with are from the toxins from fungal overgrowth. I hate the thought of giving up food, but I can’t love like this either. I cannot stop the Macrobid, as long as I have to use a catheter!
    Can you help?

  4. Isabelle says:

    Love me some every morning! It tastes great and gets me started with my day❤

  5. Thank you for every other informative website. Where else could I get that type of info written in such a perfect means? I have a undertaking that I’m simply now running on, and I have been on the glance out for such info.

  6. Jeannette says:

    Hi Mollie! Just got this in the mail and it’s delicious! I do have a question. Did you use this while you were on the candida diet? I’m currently on it but looking for supplements to help guide it along but also don’t want to get thrown off track. Thanks!

    • Mollie Mason says:

      Hi Jeannette, so glad you tried it and love it! Yes, I do highly recommend this product for all clients on the candida diet. If you’re looking for more help with clearing yeast, I share my full strategic system including a recipe guide, meal plan and full supplement regimen in The Kill The Yeast Program, which you can find more info on here.

  7. Maud says:

    Hi Molly, is there another store that ships to canada cause i can’t purchase it sadly!

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