Here’s to 2019 | My Goals for a Purposeful Year

So. Much. Goals talk. If you’ve been living in the same Instagram world I’ve been in, your feed has been flooded with New Year’s hype and hate. It seems like everyone’s either raving over a fresh start and all the epic plans they have to drastically change their lives for the next 365 days. Or they’re spittin’ some major shade on the idea of seeing promise in the change of the calendar and talking about all the reasons we can’t and don’t stick to our hopes for the year.

I found this whole conundrum confusing. My heart got a little lost in not knowing how to approach the ushering out of a hard season and the welcoming in of a new one.  

So I pushed aside those pessimistic rants and those overzealous screams. I sat in the quiet with the Lord and just asked Him, “Father, what do you want from me in 2019?” I pursued His word and I leaned in to people I trust. And I came out from that with three things I know to be true:

Life happens in SEASONS.

We are made to GROW.

And SMALL STEPS over time are what take us to our destination.

He created me to grow. To change. To evolve. He created me to every year, every month, every day seek to be better. More like Him. And He has equipped me with all I need to do that! To build a beautiful life. A purposeful life. And sure, maybe setting wild goals to do crazy things that we’ll never be able to accomplish, or finding our worth in our ability to accomplish our goals, is not a healthy practice. But I also know myself, and waking up every day and going through the motions of life’s demands without intent to carve out goals for myself is NOT a good plan.

So I sought something to give me structure for creating more than just a list of things to check off throughout the year, but instead truly draft up a meaningful vision for the year and plan for how to make it happen. Enter Cultivate What Matters’ PowerSheets. A one-year intentional goal planner. A genius product that combines psychology + heart to direct you to your most purposeful year yet.

Y’all, I’m obsessed. It. Is. Life changing. And I’m saying that just a few weeks in. It starts with prepwork that forces you to get real. To dig in. To reflect. To dream. To cast a vision. I love that it’s a very structured, guided, prompted plan to get you in to the messy, hard, confusing things. But it helps you come out with a crystal-clear understanding of who you are, where your strengths lie, what your purpose is, and what a year of that purpose will look like. Then it breaks it down step by step to help you implement and execute. To actually make those things happen!

For me, it helped me really understand not just that 2018 was hard and horrible and NOT my best, but why. And how I can be purposeful and intentional in making this year different.

So let me just bare it all and open up my heart and let you in on my 7 goals for the year:

G O A L  1 | Nurture my body + prioritize my HEALING.

So 2018 was the worst ever for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of the way my health totally crumbled beneath me. Working through my PowerSheets really helped me to realize that my health falling apart was the root of all the other aspects of life being hard, and I can't possibly live out the 2019 I want to if I don't get physically well. Healing my body no doubt had to be goal numero uno because none of the six below can happen if I'm still hardly able to get out of bed every morning.

G O A L  2 | Find a RHYTHM  with rituals that serve me.

It’s funny, because all I craved when I left my 9-5 was freedom. Freedom to do laundry while also cranking out emails. Freedom to work from a sunny coffee shop instead of a windowless office. Freedom to go to 10am yoga if I felt like it instead of being chained to my daily 6am grind. But a few months into it all, I was drowning in that freedom. Drowning in the lack of structure and routine. And every aspect of my life suffered. So this year, I know I want to find a routine again. A rhythm to my days and my weeks that still honors the freedom I craved, but empowers me to pursue it from a place of structure, not aimless chaos. Rituals that help me tune into my heart and fill me up to then chase all the different things our business might require of me in any one day. Rhythm and rituals.

G O A L  3 | Pursue unity with Casmir + use our MARRIAGE to serve the Kingdom.

Marriage is a gift and I believe being Casmir’s wife is truly the biggest calling placed on my life and this current season: loving him well, serving him selflessly, building a life of glory. I know that there is no greater thing I can pursue, besides unity with the Lord, than unity with my husband. And I know that our marriage is not just meant to bless us but to bless others. To point people in our lives to the One who enables us to love in the first place. To serve and love and encourage. So I want to find ways in every month, every week, and every day to prioritize my marriage + find ways to use it for others.

G O A L  4 | Faithfully give to our BUSINESS + nail down its identity.

This one was tricky. I knew I wanted a goal for our business, of course. But as we’ve shared really openly with y’all, we don’t exactly know what we want from our business right now. Do we want to flip lots of houses for a long time? Or is this a temporary season for something bigger that’s coming? We both have big dreams for where we’re headed, but they’re less about building an empire and more about using our gifts and talents to create beautiful things and serve people through them. So instead of setting an arbitrary goal like flip 6 houses this year, we’ve decided our goal is simply to diligently and faithfully work hard on this business and see what the Lord has planned for it. Be open to growth and change and new directions. And learn more about where it’s headed and what it’s meant to do. Hard work. Faithful steps.

G O A L  5 | Find my BLOG’s voice + do mission work with content that brings me joy.

It’s no secret my journey with this blog has had its seasons. Just two years ago I started it with nothing more than a desire to share my story of freedom, my knowledge of nutrition, and my love of healthy living. But as my life has changed, so has my content. I remember as we started flipping our first house not wanting to insta-story about it because I was so narrowed in on this being a health + wellness blog. But it doesn’t have to be. It can be that and so much more. So in this year, I want to press into what He wants this space to be and continue to create things that give me life and speak life out on y’all.

G O A L  6 | Seek JESUS + allow His voice to be the loudest in my heart.

This world is full of noise. Lies. Un-truth. In wanting to grow my faith and be a stronger reflection of His goodness, I realized I wanted to make sure not just that I sought His truth, but that I let that truth be the loudest voice in my heart. Above all the science and research and podcasts and opinions of the world, I want His voice, His word, His truth to be the one I can always sort out above the rest.

G O A L  7 | Have fun with a JOYFUL heart.

Reflecting on the past year, I saw a lot of struggle and pain and trial and faith, of course. But what I didn't see was laughter. Fun. Joy. A part of my personality- a mark of who has always made me Mollie- is joy. Smiles. Optimism. Seeing the bright side. Having faith in the midst of it all. And I let the enemy rob me from that last year. So my last goal of this year is just to choose joy again. Create time for fun and laughter and play. And do all things with a joyful heart.

Notice none of these seven are big, massive things. They're not wildly crazy goals to try to hype me up to do something big. But they are real and meaningful and therefore big things that will give me purpose.

I know if I sit down at the end of 2019 having made progress on any of these goals, I will have lived a meaningful year.

So I spent a few weeks creating these goals, and now for the next 12 months I'll use the rest of my PowerSheets planner to make it happen. To break it down. To give small, realistic, tangible steps to each big heartfelt goal. To execute it. To live it.

And I'm excited to bring y'all along in that! More to come throughout the year.

2019. Let's freakin' do this.

If you get yourself a PowerSheets planner, if you set goals for your year, if you make plans for a purposeful 2019, I'd love to hear about it! Share below or message me on Instagram (always the best way to reach me) and I'd love to be your cheerleader in it!

Here's to setting goals. Here's to dreaming big. Here's to being women on mission. Here's to cultivating what matters, little by little. xx, molls


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  1. Sarah J says:

    Beautiful goals, Mollie! Thanks for sharing it’s inspiring!

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