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Are you ready for more energy, less bloating, clearer skin, and better moods? Watch this free training to learn more about how your gut microbiome is the answer to these stubborn issues and the exact steps to take to address the root cause and gain lasting relief.


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If you want to know why your current approach to nutrition has left you empty and depleted, why you continue to get stuck in the same cycles when it comes to pursuing your health, what it would look like to align your pursuit of wellness with the Truth of how God made you, and what makes The BRIGHT Method different from any other nutrition course, this free webinar is for you! 

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Are you overwhelmed with meal planning? I've got you! Download the template I created for my own weekly planning session, with my best meal planning tips + some favorite prep-friendly recipes, to simplify your weekly planning for easy nourishment!

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An all-in-one stop for so many of my favorite supplements! Between the collagen, beef liver, gelatin and more - so many of my daily staples. Bundle 3 products or more for 20% off PLUS my code for more discounts!

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The shot I take every morning? BIOHM makes the highest quality (and best tasting) greens + probiotic powder I've ever had and I trust it so much I start every. single. morning with it. 


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The best grass-fed, gut-friendly protein powder and colostrum. A great way to boost your daily protein without the bloat that most protein powders bring. 

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Organic coffee crafted for health. The absolute best pesticide + mycotoxin-free coffee beans you can trust. You'll be shocked how much better you feel (I like to mix Calm and Ease for half-caff)!

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use code "Mollie"

use code "Mollie"

use code "Mollie"

Learn more about how I incorporate this into my daily routine with my morning gut shot HERE.

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The only prenatals I trusted before, during and after my pregnancy!

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Learn more about why I love their prenatals and everything else I recommend in pregnancy HERE.

a biblically-rooted approach to nutritional foundations and holistic wellness.

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Looking for A COMPLETE MIND-BODY-SOUL TRANSFORMATION? try the bright method!


Oh I can't express how much I love my Caraway set. Ditch your toxin-ladden pots and pans leaching hormone disruptors into your food and enjoy cooking on these non-toxic, non-stick beauties.


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Another amazing company run by women who questioned the status quo and created something we all need. Non-toxic cleaning products that are so safe you can clean your produce with them! And it freakin' works, y'all.


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Learn more about simple nontoxic swaps in this video!

Explore more on easy nontoxic swaps in this video!

your step-by-step guide to a happier gut and a healthier life.

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I'm. In. Love. These products have truly transformed my skin, and they smell so good and feel so luxurious I feel so spoiled and pampered every time I use them. Take the skin quiz to find out which products are best for you!

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