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I'm a nutritional therapy practitioner, Jesus follower & gluten-free-pizza-lover. I help women ditch the chains of diet culture and step into a mind-body-spirit kind of healthy. Because there IS a way you can love living in your body!

oh heyyy, I'm mollie

Are you ready for more energy, less bloating, clearer skin, and better moods? Watch this free training to learn more about how your gut microbiome is the answer to these stubborn issues and the exact steps to take to address the root cause and gain lasting relief.


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How I treated my leaky gut naturally

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a biblically-rooted approach to nutritional foundations and holistic wellness.

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a gut health protocol designed to reset, rebuild and restore your gut microbiome.

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Taking Leaps + Saying Goodbye


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  1. Claire Z says:

    OH MY GOSH SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! Gosh praying for you!! What an inspiration you are!! ! Also, can you start flipping homes in Colorado please? 🙂

    • Mollie Mason says:

      Gaaaah thank you so much, sweet friend!! YOU are an inspiration in chasing dreams & following where He calls us, even when it’s hard. haha Colorado doesn’t sound like a bad place to live! 🙂
      Sending love to ya, Claire!

  2. Samantha Cato says:

    Love every bit of these. You have to fail forward in life to experience all the beauty, all the struggle, all the life lessons and growth, and all the God-giving joy and peace. I wish you the best as your pursue what sets your soul on fire, knowing only in Him can you do all things. Thank you for being vulnerable in a world of shells and walls. You’re an inspiration! Grace and peace to you, Mollie! He is a good God, indeed.

    • Mollie Mason says:

      Oh my goodness Samantha, your words are so sweet and TRUE! Thank you for the encouragement. He is good, indeed! Love taking a step that allows Him to show us so. xoxo

      • Samantha Cato says:

        Of course! Trusting God fully to see what he has planned for you is such a beautiful thing! I love your prayer- “I don’t know all that You have planned, but I know that You are good. And I know a life that’s comfortable is nothing in the shadow of a life that’s in Your will.” Thank you for sharing!

  3. Melissa says:

    Many years ago, my mom did the same thing, and my dad. They jumped into residential construction right as the recession in the 70s hit. And they survived. As their business grew, my dad ventured into small commercial construction, along with renovations, and my mom continued in residential. They had many stressful moments but absolutely loved what they did. May you and your husband find the same love.

  4. Mary Kathryn says:

    I just found your blog and I love how your sweet spirit jumps off the page! A little bit of about similar about me: My boyfriend and I are on month two/three of a brand new business together (!), while I’m also in a big transition from undergrad & full time work to LSAT prep and hopefully law school for me 🙂 I really look forward to your next posts!

  5. Tammy Sammons says:

    Exiting!!! SCREAM!!! ???? Can’t wait to see and hear all about this new adventure!!

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