HOUSTON Healthy Eats Travel Guide

Helloooo, HTown. I've got to confess something. I've never liked you much. Admittedly, I've never spent all that much time with you, but I always thought you were just a humid bowl of mess with no culture (Ouch, that's harsh, I know, I'm sorry.) But, I must say, you impressed me. Your food scene is bomb. I'm glad work brought me down to you for 3 short nights just so I could experience the wonder of these healthy havens:

hs green HS Green was my first stop as soon as I dropped my luggage off at the hotel room. I stayed about a mile away so I took a nice stroll over there. After 5 hours in a car, I was craving a refreshing light salad and that's exactly what I got. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Salad with spring mix, jicama, mango, avocado, cherry tomatoes, spiced pecans and a citrus mint vinaigrette . It was totally delicious and filling. Too filling, really. I wish I could have ordered a half size because it was pretty large. But the vibe here is great and the menu is loaded with awesome options. It was the perfect spot to crank out an hour of emails while I nommed on some nourishment.

bebidasOh my, y'all. Bebidas is my jam. I'm so glad I gave myself a solid two hours of work time here because it was so dreamy. Tons of outdoor seating under some really lovely trees. Bright, colorful decor and perfectly paired textures and patterns. Sweet smoothies and lattes and drinks and a few snacks. If I lived in H-Town, I'm sure I'd be working here on the reg. I ordered the açaí bowl with added plant protein, since it was my post-run breakfast. Such a gem of colorful goodness.

tiny boxwoodsSo a friend told me Tiny Boxwoods was a must and I trusted her and made a pit stop. And oh myyy I'm so glad I did. It was absolutely one of my favorite spots. Ever. Even just for the atmosphere itself. I only ordered a coconut milk latte to accompany about an hour of work time, but I just loved getting to breathe in the vibes. It's like a page out of my future design-a-farmhouse dream. They've got tons of beautiful outdoor seating, and a nursery right next door so you can stroll through the yard and enjoy the plants. It seems like the perfect spot for really any time of day. And they're apparently known for their chocolate chip cookies. I of course had to pass on them, but I brought some home to the friend who sent me to Tiny's as a thank you for helping me experience its beauty. Obviously a slight exaggeration, but truly, the place is absolutely worth a stop even if you don't eat there.

true food kitchen So True Food Kitchen isn't unique to Houston (and I usually try to visit places that are special to each city I'm in), but since I just love it so darn much I had to make it a part of my trip. Especially after a long day when I just really wanted some darn pizza. Their gluten free vegan squash and pesto pizza is insaneeee. They have many healthier options like quinoa bowls and tons of salads, but sometimes your girl just needs pizza. And this one is pretty much as nourishing as it gets. 

dish societyI showed up to Dish Society at 7:40am and was totally blown away by how busy it was! But that's always a good sign that it's a hot spot, and it didn't disappoint. I ordered the house omelette with lots of veggies and a side of rosemary sweet potatoes. It was that perfect mix of fluffy and crispy and so so yummy. The whole menu looked great and I'm sure it's a super poppin' place for happy hour. Big fan!

local foodsY'all, Local Foods is such a gem. I ordered the Spring Harvest Salad with brussel sprouts, strawberries, broccoli, ricotta, toasted almonds, snap peas, bean sprouts and a fresh herb vinaigrette and I didn't regret it one bit. So scrumptious and nourishing. But I also ordered the gluten free seven layer bar because #yumm but I did regret it. It was super dry and not worth it. But small detail. Overall, the place was just so charming and bright and lovely and the menu is great for really any time of day. They have multiple locations throughout Houston – I went to the Downtown one and absolutely love the vibe and the chance to explore the neighborhood a bit. For sure a Houston healthy must!

tout suiteAfter lunch at Local, I had a couple hours to kill so I shot over to Tout Suite for a work sesh. This place was cool. Definitely different from the bright and airy spots I had already hit up, it's in an old Ford motor shop. They've got tons of sweet treats like macaroons and gluten free cupcakes (ok, maybe this place isn't exactly healthy?) but I just went with an unsweetened coconut milk matcha latte and crammed out some emails. I loved the big open space they had – it was the perfect spot for a solo study session but also would be great for a friend date.

adair kitchen | So no joke, the first thing I did when selecting a hotel for the trip was google Whole Foods and hotels near it. No shame. Once I found the Whole Foods I'd be staying by, I saw the Adair Kitchen was right next door and the menu looked bomb for all meals, so I knew I'd have to stroll over for an early breakfast or a dinner. I ended up saving it for my last breakfast before hitting the road back to the Fort. I ordered the Balsamic Eggs with 2 poached eggs, a tomato, grilled asparagus topped with a balsamic glaze and parmesan but I subbed a side of avocado for the toast. So. Stinkin. Scrumptious! And again, the place itself was super cute. Like Dish Society, I was surprised at how poppin' it was for 7:45am. Apparently lots of Houstonites eat breakfast out before work. But I don't blame them, they've got great options!

And the best part is, there were still more spots I just didn't have time to try! I was quite impressed with Houston's food scene, and none of these spots disappointed. If you find yourself in Houston, I loved all these. You can't go wrong and they'll nourish your time in the big H.

xx, molls

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  1. Siera says:

    Thank you for this!! I live a couple hours away from Houston and I’ve been wanting to take in some new food spots for a while now, but haven’t known where to start! Will be trying these ASAP!!

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