Healthy Travel Hacks | Packing Like a Pro

Just like planning for a trip, packing with a little thought and preparation can make the world of a difference for staying healthy and strong on the road.

I snapped some pics of my 3 bags and all their contents before my Houston trip so I could share with you how I pack and all that I bring along. I've done lots of traveling over the years, and I've really learned the simple little necessities that help keep me safe, sane, healthy and nourished while on the road. Meet allll my essentials:

My suitcase

So let's start with my suitcase. These packing cubes from Amazon are game changers. I use the big ones for my clothes and shoes and then a small one for my toiletries. In fact, the one with my toiletries permanently lives in my yoga bag since I shower at the yoga studio before work, so that makes things easier when packing. I use these travel bottles for shampoo and conditioner and lotion and hair cream. But I also pack my favorite natural deodorant, my Cocokind facial chia oil, and my travel size Dr. Bronner's soap. And my toothbrush and razor of course.

I don't wear much makeup, and I'm still experimenting with natural products I actually like, but I always keep things to a minimum so for this trip it was easy to throw my Cocokind primer drops & powders, and the Pacifica CC cream & concealer (I just purchased these and am still experimenting, so the jury's still out. I get lots of questions about natural beauty though so I'll work on a separate post for the stuff I love soon).

I also always bring my vitamins + supplements with me. I use this twice daily pack but I actually just take mine once a day, and I pack them for 2 weeks. I have staples I take on the regular (Thorne multivitamin, turmeric to fight inflammation, iron, and vitamin D) and anytime I'm traveling I'll always supplement with vitamin C, just to strengthen my immune system against all the extra things I come into contact with while I'm in new spaces and places. And my probiotic is my most important supp, but the one I usually take needs to be refrigerated, so I always bring this shelf-stable one on the road, just to do my best to keep my gut happy (especially since its where 70% of your immune system lives!).

And in an attempt to actually sleep a little, I also packed my sleep blend oil roller and my eye mask. If I'm flying internationally, I'll pack these 2 in my carryon to try to grab some zzz's on the plane, but they're also great for all the nights in random hotels. Protecting healthy sleep is always important for me, but especially while traveling and my environment is so variable. These 2 things helps me fight that.

travel essentials and packing tips for easy and healthy travel | suitcase, carry on + snack bag | healthy travel hacks | gluten free travel

My carry on

We all know the suitcase is never enough. Wherever I go, I have some version of a carryon. For this work trip, it was my new laptop backpack I'm totally obsessed with. Of course it contained my laptop and charger and headphones.  I also packed my planner and of course my study Bible and my journal, because I can't go anywhere without them and I find honoring my morning routine helps me stay nourished and centered even while traveling.

Since this backpack served as my purse throughout the trip, you'll recognize some of these from my What's In My Purse post because they're the essentials I never leave the house without! My peppermint oil roller for sneaky headaches, my natural perfume roller, and my digestive enzymes for all the foods I don't normally eat. And of course some sunnies and my wallet.

I brought both my Healthy Humans, too – my 32 oz water bottle which I love while traveling since I can fill it all the way up with hydration to last. And of course my tumbler for makeshift bulletproof hotel coffee.

travel essentials and packing tips for easy and healthy travel | suitcase, carry on + snack bag | healthy travel hacks | gluten free travel

My snack bag

Naturally we had to save the best for last. The food bag. Regardless of where I'm going or for how long I'm going, I've always got one. Since this trip was a 5 hour drive instead of any kind of flight, I got away with bringing a big refrigerated bag and I didn't have to worry about liquids (which means I could throw in a kombucha).

Y'all know starting my day with my Bulletproof Superfood coffee is sacred to me, so it's one thing I always make sure I bring on the road with me. If I'm driving, I'll bring a small serving of the actual creamer. If I'm flying, I'll just pack a can of coconut milk + Further Food‘s awesome travel collagen packets. And of course my hand-held frother from Amazon. Packing these saves me coffee-shop money and also just keeps me feeling like myself since I always start my day with it.

I like to pack any produce when I can, so usually it's easy snacking goods like apples, carrots, snap peas, celery, or bell pepper. And for some extra sneaky snacks, I packed my favorite paleo crackers, some sprouted pumpkin seeds, and a couple RX bars for the chocolate cravings. I threw in a small bag of chia seeds and a travel size packet of hemp hearts to toss on top of salads. Oh, and a can of olives because why not?

I also like to bring my favorite bedtime tea to help wind down in an unfamiliar place. And some ginger tea to ease any digestion issues.

If I were packing this all on a plane, I of course would have to ditch the ‘booch, but let's be honest, I'd still probably pack all of these goods. And maybe even a few more bars.

travel essentials and packing tips for easy and healthy travel | suitcase, carry on + snack bag | healthy travel hacks | gluten free travel

Traveling while staying healthy can be hard. And traveling with food allergies even harder. But truthfully, it's not as hard as it sounds. If you research places to eat before you go (my Healthy Travel Guides are a great resources for that), and you pack well, you'll be surprised how little a trip away has to harm your healthy lifestyle. I hope these packing tips help make your next trip a little bit more nourishing!

xx, Mollie

travel essentials and packing tips for easy and healthy travel | suitcase, carry on + snack bag | healthy travel hacks | gluten free travel


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