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We all know one of the biggest secrets to health is being prepared. For anything. And anything. At all times. I don't carry much in my purse, but there are a few things I'll never leave the house without:

from a nutritionist, the list of items to keep in your purse to stay healthy while on-the-go! | what's in my bag, what's in my purse

You could say hanger is my downfall. (Let's just say the world is a much better place if I never go more than a few hours without some food) So I always make sure I've got a couple snacks stocked in my purse. And they've always got 3 things: protein, fat, and fiber (the holy trinity of snacks). Today it was a Square Organics bar and a Health Warrior pumpkin seed bar: I love both of these because their ingredients are spot-on. I also love RX bars or sprouted pumpkin seeds or dried edamame. My purse always has one of these snacks, usually two and honestly sometimes three.

And I chug water. Constantly. Which is much easier to do when I'm at home or at my desk at work and I can just make sure I'm constantly refilling. But that's why I fell in love with my Healthy Human 32-oz bottle. It's easy to carry but also big enough to keep me chuggin. The stainless steel means it stays germ-free for longer (and it can sustain all the crazy ways I toss it around).

(Also notice my key ring only has 3 things on it: my car key, my CorePower Yoga scanner, and a cute pink keychain. Priorities…)

If you follow along on Instagram, you know there are a lot of symptoms I face from inflammation with my celiac disease. And migraines and headaches are something I've faced for years. They used to be a daily occurrence (yes, I literally spent years of my life with daily migraines) and I used to pop Advil on the reg. But I've really tried to get away from unnecessary pain meds, and peppermint oil has been a game changer for the headache treatment. I don't go anywhere without my peppermint oil roller. If I ever feel a headache coming on, I can roll this on my temples and feel the tingle taking the pain away. Or if I just need to be woken up a little, the smell itself helps. Or if I get some stomach pain, I can rub it right on my tummy for a little relief. Seriously, I never leave the house without this sucker. It's darn near close to magic.

And now I fill the travel bottle that used to carry ibuprofen with digestive enzymes. I notice they help a lot when I eat any of my trigger foods, and let's be honest, that usually happens when I'm outside the house. So they're always with me for any pizza date nights with the hubs or frozen yogurt splurges with the girls.

And y'all, let's be real here, I use natural deodorant (breast cancer can stay farrrr away from me) so body odor is just more of a thing than it used to be. I've had to part with a lot of my old favorite fragrances because the fake nasty chemicals in them are often a trigger for my headaches, so I've loved this natural perfume from Pacifica. It's a sweet vanilla, but not the fake kind.

Oh and the wallet has absolutely nothing to do with staying healthy, but I spent months looking for a thin one that didn't take up half of my purse but still had enough slots to hold all my cards. First world problems I know, but a problem indeed. And I found this for cheap on Amazon. And it's my favorite pink color. So naturally it's been one of the staples in my purse since I purchased it.

There are a thousand other things I could carry, and any time I'm leaving for a day I definitely grab a bigger bag and pack it up with a lot more, but these are the necessities I never leave the house without- the ones that are always stocked in my purse. (If you want to see the full list of all the other goodies I pack when leaving for longer times, let me know and I can do that post as well.)

xx, molls

from a nutritionist, the list of items to keep in your purse to stay healthy while on-the-go! | what's in my bag, what's in my purse


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