What I Packed for 3 Weeks in Europe in a Carry-On

Casmir and I just got back from 3 weeks in Europe and it was the BEST adventure ever.

We packed light in just one small carry-on suitcase each. When you're moving between cities every few days on trains and cobblestone streets, you want as little as you need. And I think we nailed it! I packed all the essentials and I'm sharing all my trusty go-to's with you: from clothes to gear and the supplements that help me feel my best while on the go!

↓ Watch the packing vlog then scroll below for all the links! ↓

The BEST Suitcase: This thing was amazing. If you watch any of the vlogs of this trip you'll see we put both of these carry-on's through quite the test with those cobblestone streets. We've had a few different sets of luggage through our marriage and inevitably something breaks and the zippers don't work and I was sick of that happening. Before the trip we decided to invest in these Away suitcases and we couldn't be happier with them. They have a lifetime warranty which made the purchase easier but so far we're really impressed with the performance. We packed for 3 whole weeks in this thing and those zippers were definitely stretched.


Denim Jacket: You'll see in every video and photo I basically wore this the whole trip! It was the perfect thing to layer on top of dresses or athleisure.

Boater hat: This was a last minute purchase the day before the trip and I'm SO glad I snagged it. I seriously wore it almost every day. It helped with fewer hair washes and it looked cute with every outfit.


Ok I packed 2 pairs of jeans and some cute tops but I quite literally just rotated between these 3 dresses almost the entire trip. I just felt so comfortable and cute in them! Between the white sneakers, denim jacket, boater hat and dresses: unashamed outfit repeater over here.

Balloon-sleeve dress: Ok, I might have worn this too much but I just felt so comfortable and cute in it! It was absolutely my go-to.

Midi-swing dress

One-shoulder dress


White Leather Sneakers: Loved these! They look cute with dresses and were surprisingly comfortable even for 20,000+ steps a day.

Reef sandals: The only sandals I can walk miles in!

Hoka running shoes: For the hikes.

No-show socks: Super comfortable, blister-free, and looked great with my sneakers!


My sling purse: I cannot say enough how much I loved this thing. I quite literally kept forgetting I was wearing it because it was so comfortable, it looked cute with all my outfits, and I felt safe from any pick-pocketing since it was always so close to me. Just big enough for the essentials.

Casmir's backpack: Casmir was a total champ and carried the bigger pack for us on big adventure days. This was the perfect backpack for cameras, water bottles, snacks and any extra jackets.

Coin purse: I'm not exaggerating when I say in my everyday life I never touch cash. Like, truly, I don't remember the last time I touched US dollars or coins – we track our budget and that's just easier to do with cards. But abroad, there are many places that don't take cards and I use a lot of Euro coins. So I got this coin purse for cash and coins and a couple cards and it was perfect!

Selfie Stick: I'd argue this was a necessity! We got so many sweet photos for our memories of it, and I actually ended up vlogging the whole trip with my iPhone and this selife stick.

Portable Charger: This was also a necessity since we basically left our apartment early in the morning and came home late almost every day. We used our phones for navigating everywhere and I vlogged on my phone, so it was helpful to have the extra charge in our backpack when needed.

Packing cubes: These really are a game-changer when trying to stay organized in a small suitcase!

Health and Supplements

Nuun Immunity Tablets: I pack these for every trip I go on! It's just such a simple and efficient way to get vitamins and nutrients in and support your immune system against the who-knows-what germs you might meet while on the road.

On-the-go collagen packets: An easy source of protein and extra gut support. I love how portable these are and they dissolve so easily in a simple shot of espresso or latte! (Use code MOLLIE for 15% off!)

Electrolyte packets: For staying hydrated!

Chomp protein sticks: (See these in my Trader Joe's favorites haul)

Stanley water bottle: One thing Europe doesn't do well: water. Especially nice, cold ice water! This was the perfect water bottle to keep in the backpack for daily adventures and keep any precious ice we could find cold for hours.

Silk sleep mask: I can't sleep without this thing! (Featured in my Evening Routine video)


Mega babe: No chafing around here! This stuff was great for the thighs and 20,000+ steps a day in dresses.

As you can see, I take the planning and packing for our travels very seriously and I think I've nailed it all at this point! I hope this was helpful for you! What other questions do you have about planning and prepping for healthy, fun-packed trips? Let me know if you want to see any other travel planning videos, and get excited for the vlogs of this trip!

xo, Mollie


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