7 Easy Swaps to Detox Your Home

Have you heard about endotoxins? They’re chemicals that disrupt your endocrine system, aka wreak havoc on your hormones. And unfortunately, they’re everywhere. In the lotion you lather on your skin. In the makeup you slap on your face. In the cleaners you clean your home with and the pans you cook your food on. 

The truth is, unless we go live in a forest with no access to any modern items, we’re going to be exposed to endotoxins. But fear not, because there is still so much we can do to reduce our toxic load.

Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite changes I’ve made around our home to reduce our toxin exposure. 7 easy swaps to make for a healthier home (that actually pass the “is this really as good as the toxic stuff?” test): 

Let's dive into my favorite easy swaps!

Traditional Non Stick Pots and Pans → Caraway 

Those pots and pans you cook your food in every day, multiple times a day? That’s a really good place to start.

Unfortunately, many nonstick pans are coated in teflon, a synthetic polymer that makes your food slip around easily on the pan but also leeches some pretty scary toxins into your food. In fact, they’re called “forever chemicals” because they stay in your body forever. As in, forever. (Seriously, next movie night with your boo, watch Dark Waters with Anne Hathaway and Mark Ruffalo and you’ll know what I’m talking about.) 

For years I’d been trying to replace our cheap cookware with a nontoxic alternative, but everything I tried fell short for me. If it performed well, it wouldn't last long.  

But if you saw this video, you know I finally remedied that issue when I found Caraway. Their pots and pans are top-notch, non-toxic, non-stick magic. 

They use high quality ceramic-coated aluminum cookware free of PTFE, lead, cadmium, and other toxic materials that can make their way into your food.

And truly, the non-stick feature is real. I’ve cooked eggs with no butter or oils and they slide right out of the pan. Cleaning is a breeze and they’ve held up really nicely. 

I got the gorgeous corally-color set and I truly couldn’t love it more. Every time I pull a pan out to cook a meal with, they just make me smile and remind me to be thankful for the opportunity to nourish my body. 

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Candles → Oil Diffuser 

Traditional candles are melting, burning blocks of toxins. Most candles are made with paraffin wax, which is a bleached petroleum byproduct that emits known carcinogens, benzene and toulene, into the air for you to inhale. 

They also are, more often than not, scented with artificial fragrances or even “natural fragrances” which is really just a blanket word for whatever chemicals they want it to be. 

I know, I know. The ambiance, the yummy smells – candles can be hard to part with. But swap them out for a pretty diffuser with a delicious oil and you won’t miss them at all. 

I’m absolutely in love with this gorgeous ceramic diffuser from NOW. It’s so stunning; it makes a statement on its own and it looks good with every decor. I seriously have one in almost every room of our house. 

NOW also has very high quality but affordable essential oils you can diffuse in it. I’m so impressed by their manufacturing and testing standards, and because it’s straight to consumer, you knock out the middleman markup most essential oils bring. 

I put their lavender in my bath every night (with the magnesium flakes for added  relaxation). I love the Clear the Air blend for DIY cleaning solutions. And this peppermint roll-on is always in my purse for instant head relief. 

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Cleaning Spray → Branch Basics 

I’m not going to lie, the cleaning products were a hard one for me to swap out. I tried a lot of flops that left our surfaces feeling greasy and gross. Until I found the beauty of Branch Basics. 

Branch Basics makes a powerful concentrate that can be mixed at all different levels for so many different purposes. It’s made from plant and mineral-based ingredients that are so safe you can literally eat it. I’m not kidding, I’ve sprayed it on my strawberries to wash them! 

I love the convenience of the concentrate so you can replace dozens of different cleaners with one product. I put it in a pretty glass bottle that sits right on my counter next to my sink because we spray our surfaces down 5x a day. 

You’ve got to see some of their testimonials for the power of the Oxygen Boost. It got an elderberry stain out of my light gray couch! It’s also the only thing I’ve found to work on getting the caked-on, burnt-up layer of grime that builds on our cooktop after water or food spills get cooked in. 

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Conventional Laundry Detergent → Dropps

This is one of the items I kept seeing buzz for on Instagram and doubted if any of it was really warranted, and then I tried it and knew it totally was.

Laundry detergent is one of the swaps Casmir really struggled with. He kept complaining that many of the cleaner alternatives I was trying were leaving his clothes feeling “just not as clean.” 

I’m absolutely in love with the ease of Dropps. No pouring from a heavy Costco-sized jug. No messy, sticky detergent dripping onto the top of my washer. 

I use both the detergent drops and the fabric softener drops. (Make sure you get unscented in both so you skip on the fragrances!) 

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Dryer Sheets → Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls are an easy and sustainable swap for fragrance-loaded dryer sheets. Throw a few in with your laundry load and you’ll find things dry faster and stay softer. 

And for that fresh n’ clean laundry feel, drop a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils on one of the balls for each load and it will come out smelling amazing. 

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Fridge or Tap Water → Berkey Water 

Ok, of everything on this list, the Berkey water purifier is the biggest investment, but it really is one of the most important. 

We all know we’re supposed to hydrate well and drink lots of water, but are you considering the quality of the water you’re chugging all day long? 

It’s likely loaded with bacteria, protozoa, viruses, 

The Berkey is amazing. The micro-filtration structure of the filters pulls out even the smallest of water contaminants, including bacteria and viruses. It also uses an ionic absorption technology that repels toxins, and it’s able to remove 99.9999999% of pathogenic bacteria and 99.999% of viruses, which greatly exceeds the standards.

Plus, it filters and purifies without stripping the essential minerals in water! Many other filters will also remove the important minerals that actually make water hydrating, and the Berkey doesn’t do that.

It might seem like a lot of cash upfront, but with a 6,000 gallon lifetime, it’s only $0.02 per gallon.  I truly believe it’s one of the single greatest investments I’ve made in my health. 

SHOP Berkey Water Filters

Plastic Tupperware → Glass 

Unfortunately, the plastic all over our kitchen leaches toxic chemicals into our food (especially when heated). Ditch your classic plastic tupperware for glass alternatives. I love this cute pink Pyrex set and this larger Snapware set.

And I’m also an avid mason jar user! I love the freezer-safe pint-size jars with these amazing reusable lids (perfect for freezing soups! Lol if you know you know). 

Some Encouragement

I get that the quest for nontoxic living can feel overwhelming. The last thing I want for you to feel when reading this is that there’s just another thing you need to add to the list of things you *aren’t* doing right for your health. Here are a few tips:

Choose empowerment over fear.

As with everything in our health, our thoughts matter. Instead of letting fear win, stressing over everything you need to change, choose to instead be excited to make healthier choices for your family and your home and be grateful for the chance to know better. 

Go slow.

Don’t feel the need to throw out every item in your home today. Replace things as they run out and invest in items when it feels right. You can always come back to this post as you slowly but surely make transitions when they work for you. 

Here’s to creating sacred spaces we love being in. Here’s to showing up for our brightest lives. xx

Huge thank you to NOW for sponsoring this post. It’s such a joy to share my favorite brands with y’all and it’s because of brands like these that I’m able to create this extensive content for you. As always, all opinions are my own. (You can use code MOLLIE for 20% off all orders on their website.)

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