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I'm a nutritional therapy practitioner, Jesus follower & gluten-free-pizza-lover. I help women ditch the chains of diet culture and step into a mind-body-spirit kind of healthy. Because there IS a way you can love living in your body!

oh heyyy, I'm mollie

Are you ready for more energy, less bloating, clearer skin, and better moods? Watch this free training to learn more about how your gut microbiome is the answer to these stubborn issues and the exact steps to take to address the root cause and gain lasting relief.


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How I treated my leaky gut naturally

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a biblically-rooted approach to nutritional foundations and holistic wellness.

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a gut health protocol designed to reset, rebuild and restore your gut microbiome.

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  1. Mandy Harrison says:

    Such an awesome combo, Mollie! I’ll add this to my list for next time we’re sick.

  2. Patti Homier says:

    Hi Mollie…..just found your website…I also have candida and gluten problems and have most symptoms you described….been doing a candida diet for over 2 months and am supposed to do a juice cleanse, but scheduled for my colonoscopy this coming week and was told that will not have to do the juice cleanse as the “colon prep” will take care of that……I have lost close to 25 lbs
    and now wish to do your 2-week diet to kill the yeast for good…had a lot of stress with my husband’s illness in the past couple of
    years, shingles, and been gluten free for about 8 years…..your site is very interesting and very informative…..Thank you….do you
    have any imput to this? Thanks

  3. L.J. says:

    Miracle tonic. Seriously. I just tried this because I am battling pleurisy (an inflammation of the pleural sac around the lung). It started with a sore, scratchy throat and a chest infection about 3 weeks ago and I have been constantly coughing and in serious pain ever since. I had to resort to a dose of steroids and they barely touched the issue. This drink is pungent and the first few sips are most definitely going to get your attention. I wont lie….it took a few hours to get through the whole drink. However, about halfway through I started to get used to the taste and after about two hours I noticed that my throat was no longer as scratchy and I am not coughing. The most amazing thing is that the pain in my lungs has gone down a noticeable amount. While the pain is still there, this drink has taken it down about 50%. Anyone who has had pleurisy knows just how painful it is and that this is nothing short of a miracle. Mollie you rock! Keep up what you are doing and know you are doing amazing things.

  4. Emilie says:

    Mollie, I tried this out last week when I was feeling a sore throat come on and I had to come back and thank you for it. It really did make me feel better!!

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