The HARRISON Project | The Vision + The Progress

It's been 9 weeks since we purchased this property and we're about to wrap it up fast, so I wanted to make sure I got this in-between post up for y'all before the final reveal comes together. Sharing the floor plan changes we've made, the general vision + plans, and a few of the hiccups we've already run into. (If you didn't catch all the BEFORE PICTURES, you can snag those here. And don't forget I've got alll the updates on Instagram. Find the story folder on my profile @mollie.mason titled “Harrison” for all the videos + updates.)

pendant light | cabinet pulls | drawer knobs | sink faucet
ceiling fan | door knobs | semi-flush mount light | dining chandelier | floor stain
3-light vanity light | shower head | mirror | sink faucet | doorless shower glass
3-light vanity light | tub faucet + shower head | circle mirror | sink faucet | basketweave tile

wall mount light | ceiling mount light
light | mosaic ceramic tile

Y'all always ask about how often things go as planned or what kinds of things pop up when we say we had some troubleshooting to deal with, so here's a hash out of a few of the things we've already dealt with on this house:

We can't paint the brick. Because this home is historically protected, we have to get everything approved by the Historical District of Fort Worth. And they've recently passed a rule that original brick isn't allowed to be painted. I'm really bummed about this one, because I think she'd look so beautiful with some fresh paint, and to be honest I wanted to throw a bit of a fit. But we respect the efforts to preserve the neighborhood, so we're following the rules. Instead of painting the house white and the wood windows black, we're now just giving the windows a fresh coat of white and touching up on the rest of the wood trim.

The water heater can't go in the attic. Which means it now has to go in the laundry closet we've created for the washer and dryer. Which was already a tight space. Still problem-solving how to solve this problem tbh.

We had to move the fridge + pantry to the other wall of the kitchen. So my vision of one wall of full cabinets and a full L of just lowers with no uppers is ruined. But for good reason, since we unveiled that gorgeous hundred-year-old chimney, and we just can't bring ourselves to knock it out. (My “Harrison” story folder on my instagram shows the detail of all this if you missed it.)

We had to replace a rotten wall. Exciting stuff, y'all.

We found rotten floors underneath some of the carpet and tile. As to be expected with the way they just covered things up, but we definitely found more than we had expected and now have to replace all those pieces with new wood. 

Plumbing to the house and the line to the main had to be replaced. We had planned to replace all the plumbing for the house since it was still original copper pipes, but we didn't know we'd have to fix these parts. A few extra days of labor and a lot of extra money later…

Well there it is. I hope this helps invite y'all in to the process before I post the shiny and beautiful “after” photos to come. And we'll be there very quickly. Like, maybe 2 weeks. In fact so much has already happened since I snapped these photos a few days ago and have since been working on this post. But that's the beauty of this all. It happens FAST because demo day and some big floor plan adjustments feel big, then it happens real slow because all the work that's getting done like electrical and plumbing and foundation is just not exciting to see. But now we're about to wrap this baby up fast. Can't wait to share! Stay tuned! Or really, follow on Instagram @mollie.mason for more of the fun stuff in between. xx, molls

our 102-year-old fixer upper | the vision, the plan, the progress + the hiccups we've already hit | house flip, mid century modern mixed with traditional brick home | home decor, interior design, home design


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