14 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I've been tagged in the 10 Fun Facts challenge one too many times, but since it's taken me so long to actually do it, I figured I'd offer you 4 extra. 14 fun facts, let's go!

Fact 1 | I am absolutely and obnoxiously OCD about my nails. The feeling of raw nails with no polish actually makes my skin crawl. And for some reason I think the state of my nails reflects the state of my life. If they're chipped, my whole life is a disaster. And a fresh manicure makes me feel like I can conquer the world. (Exaggerating a bit but sadly not that much…)

Fact 2 | I got glasses when I was 2. Yes, 2 years old. I'm nearsighted. And farsighted. And I have a lazy eye (that can be corrected with glasses or contacts thank god!). I rocked a this bob and these specs my whole dang childhood.

Fact 3 | I started kindergarten early, so I was always a year younger than my classmates, but I’ve also always been waaaay mature for my age. Like annoyingly grandma mature, mom-of-the-group, always wanting to be in the next stage of life kind of mature. An old soul, I guess.

Fact 4 | My first date with my husband was horrible. Honestly, so bad. I think we both thought we’d never talk again. I wish so badly someone from the future could have shown up that night and told us we'd be married in 4 years. I'm sure we both would've laughed out loud at the absurdity of it.

Fact 5 | I require at least 8 hours of sleep. Truly, 7.5 hours and I’m feelin’ it and anything less than 7 hours and I’m straight hungover. Which is precisely why sleep will forever be a high priority and my 4:30am alarm means an 8:30pm bedtime. #grandma

Fact 6 | Ice cream is my favorite. Of all time. Has been since birth. In fact, when I was four, I was clever enough to finneagle my way into eating more by telling my parents I had two stomachs, and my dinner stomach was full but my ice cream stomach was hungry. Child genius amiright?

Fact 7 | I'm insanely sensitive to artificial light. LED lights and even just overhead lighting in general actually gives me a headache and makes my head spin a little. Casmir and I always joke that our number one fight in marriage is about lights and lamps, but it's really not that much of a joke – it's undoubtedly the thing we disagree on passionately.

Fact 8 | I’m a 2w1 on the Enneagram! I’m an empath x 100, I’m near-psychic with sensing people’s needs and emotions, I am paralyzed by the fear of being a burden, I hold myself to an unfairly high standard, and as much as I believe deeply in wellness and nutrition and all the things, self-care comes farrr from natural to me. (I might have to do a whole blog post on the magic of the Enneagram and how it’s little short of changed my life.)

Fact 9 | I’m naturally a classic Type A, regimented person, but stick in me a foreign place and my free spirit arises. Nothing lights my soul on fire quite like traveling and I'd keep exploring new places for ever if I could. In fact, it's still a dream to be a travel blogger or even a travel agent (I do indeed have some pretty stellar skills at planning trips – in fact I've had more than a dozen couples use our exact honeymoon itinerary and report back saying I nailed it.)

Fact 10 | I love airports. Maybe because of fact 9, but also because it’s prime people watching. I love to sit and watch people and make up stories for them – who they are, where they’re going, why they’re leaving.

Fact 11 | I’ve never been drunk. I didn’t drink at all until after I was 21, and even in the 5 years since it’s just never interested me. I do enjoy a good glass of cab or a nice refreshing mojito or margarita, but I’ve yet to have more than a drink and a half in any one night. Just ain’t all that interested in being out of my head, ya know?

Fact 12 | I ran in the Cross Country Junior Olympics for 4 years. It’s not quite as impressive as it sounds, or at least I wasn’t as fast as it sounds, but I sure loved it. The teammates, the race day environment, the miles and miles and miles of diligent training – I loved it all. My childhood of competitive running will forever be one of the things that shaped my character.

Fact 13 | I have synesthesia, which is essentially where your senses cross over in your brain. It manifests differently in everyone – for some its seeing color when they hear music, for some it's actually seeing black letters on paper in a different color. For me, it’s seeing words written out as I speak and listen to other people speak. Not quite subtitles straight in front of your face, but almost. I actually visualize words as I’m processing them. It’s probably why I’m a master speller and I scored a 36 on the grammar section of the ACT. If you see spelling errors or grammar mistakes on this blog, it's because I mis-typed, not because I don't know the rules. Because I know them all. Perfectly 🙂

Fact 14 | I had braces from 5th grade all the way through 11th grade. Talk about awkward years.

Lol. Well there I am, in all my quirky glory. What's one fun fact about you?? Share it below; I love knowing y'all. xx, molls


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