Iced Maca Matcha Recipe

Have you ever had a coconut green tea frappuccino from Starbucks? It's delicious. Like so so good. (And in fact it was the drink I ordered on the morning of my wedding for the classic “Bride” on the cup pic after a sweaty hot yoga sesh with all my ladies!) But just the tall 12 oz serving is 44 grams of sugar! 44! That's more than twice as much as you should have in a whole day! In one single cup. Even if you ask for it unsweetened, the coconut milk and matcha tea blend are both packed with sugar themselves.

So I've tried to healthy-hack it. And I think I got pretty darn close. I'll admit, it's hard to get their super creamy consistency without the added cream but it tastes a lot like the real thing. Not only without all the crap, but loaded with some extra superfood punch.


1 cup almond milk

1/3 cup coconut water

1/2 tsp maca powder

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp coconut nectar

1/2 tbsp MCT oil

1 tsp matcha

1 scoop collagen peptides

a splash of liquid chlorophyll

You can most definitely just blend the almond milk, coconut water, vanilla extract and matcha and get the effect. But why stop there? Y'all know I'm all about getting my nutrients in anywhere I can. I've talked about the benefits of the collagen peptides in my frothy coffee recipe, so you know why I sneak those everywhere I can. The coconut nectar is an awesome unaltered alternative to other sweeteners because it also comes with all essential amino acids, extra nutrients and enzymes, and a lower glycemic index so it's much safer on your liver and pancreas. Also, if you follow my instagram page, you know how much I love maca powder. It's known to help balance hormones and I truly have noticed a difference since adding it to my coffee every morning. And did the liquid chlorophyll freak you out? It's fair if it did, but it shouldn't! It's an easy flavorless addition to smoothies or drinks that packs a serious punch. Yes, it is indeed the stuff you learned about in biology class- the pigment present in plant cells that helps with photosynthesis. But in our bodies, it does a lot too! Essentially, it deodorizes and detoxifies the body and helps with digestion. It's a super deep, dark green so I added just a splash to this for extra nutrition and extra color.

Slowly blend all these ingredients. You can pour it just like this over ice (my preferred method), or you can add the ice cubes to the blender if you want to go for more of the traditional “frap” effect. It just depends on the texture you want- a creamy iced drink or a thick milkshake-like frappuccino.


Ready to make this for yourself?

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Less than 3 grams of sugar in this bright cup of green goodness and it's perfectly sweet. It's such a refreshing treat for a hot day or sometimes just an alternative to my morning cup of coffee when I'm craving something different.

xoxo, mollie


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  1. Monica says:

    Mollie! This is (was!?) my go-to drink at Starbucks. I will have to try this! Do you order these ingredients online? Or where do you get them?

  2. kay says:

    I FINALLY bought everything!! so so so so so so excited to make this!!! thank you for sharing!! <3

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