A Frothy Cup of Joe: Coffee Recipe

Confession: I spent the first 23 years of my life without coffee. Honestly, I hated it. I promised myself when I went to college that I wouldn't start drinking it, because I didn't want to become one of the many adults I knew reliant on it. And it truthfully wasn't all that hard because I didn't enjoy it. But in an effort to kick chemicals out of my life, I knew I had to say goodbye to the artificial-color-filled, chemical-ladden pre workout powder I was drinking to get my day started. I used the 13 days of our honeymoon as my cold turkey without it, and I came home determined to find a way to enjoy coffee. I tried it with almond milk. I tried it with stevia. But still, I couldn't stand it. I've experimented with many different recipes and I finally found a winner!

Although I can't fairly call myself a coffee addict, you can bet when my alarm goes off at 5:00 on the dot, I'm stumbling in the dark toward my Keurig. I've been asked a lot how I drink it so I wanted to share my perfected recipe with you!

It's these 4 simple ingredients:

1 scoop vital proteins collagen peptides  |  1/4 cup coconut milk  |  1 tsp MCT oil  |  1 tsp vanilla extract

Why these?

Coconut milk is my life. I can't live without it. It's one of my favorite sources of healthy fats. It reduces inflammation, fights infection, and delivers great flavor. I've noticed SUCH incredible health benefits since increasing healthy fats in my diet, and coconut milk is one of my 3 staples.

If you've heard anything about bulletproof coffee, you know MCT oil is a common coffee add-in. It stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, which are known to have many health benefits. Coconut oil, one of the best natural sources of MCTs, is composed of 62-65%. Refined MCT oil just helps pack an added punch: balancing hormones, aiding in brain function, improving mood, fighting infection, delivering energy and suppressing appetite. I also find it offers a bit of a buttery flavor that I've loved here in my coffee.

The collagen peptides are also such a winner in this. Since I picked these up a few months ago, I've started putting them in everything. Although not a complete protein, they offer important tissue-building ingredients and they completely dissolve in any liquid- hot or cold! They're especially known to help with hair, skin and nail health, but I've also loved their healing power for the gut. They seriously have no flavor and no texture once they dissolve, so they're easy to hide in anything. But I find here with my coffee, they help develop the bubbly froth.

And of course the vanilla extract brings the flavor with added natural benefits like reducing inflammation and fighting bacteria.

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So the recipe:

Start with a single brew. I personally use the small cup but that's simply because I'm not in need of more.

Add your scoop of collagen and stir until it dissolves.

Then pour in your coconut milk, MCT oil and vanilla extract.

Note: I've tried adding sweeteners like stevia or agave nectar or even honey, but the flavor is so full on its own it doesn't even need it. You can try it, but I find the coconut with the vanilla is plenty of flavor by itself. Or if you're a fan of cinnamon, add a dash for extra blood sugar leveling and a fun flavor.

Whir it up in the blender. While it's blending, I always challenge myself to down a whole cup of water. Hydrate before you caffeinate!

I mean C'MON! Look at all that froth. So so good.

It's buttery, it's thick, it's frothy and it's YUM.

Not only does it give me the energy I need to head to a workout before the sun even begins to rise, but it fills my body with nutrients before I start my day. It's not just free of crap-filled creamer; it's packed with nutrition. With 16 grams of healthy fats and 10 grams of tissue-building protein (and only 1 gram of carbs), it's become my perfect balance of nutrients for the AM.

I sip on this sucker while I read my devotional. I munch on a handful of berries. I silently tiptoe to the bathroom to brush my teeth without waking my sleeping giant. And I'm out the door for a sweat session before most people even dream of opening their eyes.

Give it a whirl and let me know how you like it! Breaking up with your favorite creamer might be easier than you think…

xoxo, mollie


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