The Black Friday Deals I’m Shopping

It's that time – to check off Christmas gifts for your loved ones, stock up on your favorite staples, or splurge on items you've been saving for.

I've got you covered with my favorite can't-miss deals this Black Friday / Cyber Monday season!

Things I Already Own and Am Totally Obsessed With

1 // Caraway Nontoxic Cookware + Bakeware: This is no-doubt-about-it one of my favorite items in my house. We couldn't love our pots and pans more. They perform so well and they clean even better and they just look beautiful. Do your health a favor and toss that toxin-filled pot set you have and invest in these beauties. $150 off the cookware set + an extra 20% off!

More about these in this video.

2 // Berkey Water Purifier: Another of my favorite lifetime purchases! It's so important to clean up your drinking water and you don't get any better than the Berkey filters. 24% off – $102 off the Royal Berkey size

3 // Electric Tea Kettle: I literally use this every single day to heat up water for my matcha or a cup of herbal tea. I love that you can choose the temperature so you always get the perfect cup. I just ordered this as a gift for my mother-in-law because while she lived with us she fell in love with it too! $10 off

4 // Kindle Paperwhite: I resisted the e-reading life for a long time but when I finally took the plunge I couldn't look back. I am so obsessed with my Kindle. It's waterproof for a good bath read. The gentle screen does not feel like reading from your phone but the soft backlight allows me to read with just my salt lamp on (and I swear nothing puts me to sleep faster). And it allows me to check out books from the library for free to always be reading a new book. This IS the only way I read 100 books this year. $50 off

5 // Hot Yoga No-Slip Mat: No more slipping around on a sopping wet towel on top of your mat. I've had mine for 4+ years and I've sweated out over 250 classes on it and it's still in great shape. 10% off

Things I'm Stocking Up On

6 // BIOHM: Y'all already know this is one of my favorite supplements and one of the most important parts of my morning routine. This is a great time to stock up! 25% off SITEWIDE + FREE shipping + FREE Microbiome Multi with $75+ purchase (I recommend the Super Foods Bundle so you get both the greens and the reds and the free multi)

Get more details + my hack to take it daily in this video.

7 // Branch Basics Nontoxic Cleaner: When I say I've tried all the toxin-free cleaners on the market, I'm not exaggerating. And Branch Basics is so far superior. Detox your cleaning routine with this easy and sustainable concentrate. 20% off everything! If you're new, grab the Starter Kit and add code MOLLIE for an extra 15% off. If you already have your Starter Kit, its a great time to stock up on the Concentrate and Oxygen Boost!

8 // Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips: If you've seen influencers share about these and wondered if they're worth it, they totally are! I used to use the Crest ones and they gave me some pearly whites but totally wrecked my gums and made my teeth so sensitive. I love that these are clean and nontoxic; a bright white smile and no sensitivity! 40% off – I'm stocking up on a few packs for both hubs and I to use over the next year

Stocking Stuffers

9 // No-Show Socks: These are the BEST socks I've ever tried. Low enough to not show but they never slip down. The perfect thinness but support. 20% off

10 // Salt Lamp Night Lights: My love for these is unmatched. Red light is powerful for our sleep. Pop this beauty in your bathroom and do your skincare or soak in the tub in the warm glow for the perfect wind-down routine. 17% off

11 // Pillow Slides: These make the perfect to-the-yoga-studio slip-on or around-the-home house shoe. They are so insanely comfortable you won't want to take them off. 45% off

12 // Handheld Frother: Because drinks aren't worth drinking if you haven't frothed them up! I've tried probably 5+ of these over the years and this is definitely the best one. 17% off

13 // Exfoliating Gloves: These have changed my body skincare game! Just a little water and your body wash of choice and your skin will be baby-soft. 15% off

The Deals I Took Advantage Of

Here's a Cyber Monday update on the additional deals I ended up taking advantage of this week:

We decided to pull the trigger on updating our bedroom!

Organic Nontoxic Mattress: We've been considering upgrading our queen for a king for years now and I knew I'd want to go for nontoxic (the amount of chemicals and toxins in most mattresses is kind of terrifying when you think about breathing it in for 33%+ of your day). I've done quite a bit of research on all the organic mattress brands on the market and I decided on Awara; the reviews are great, it's a medium firmness which we like, and I love their forever warranty. So we decided to take advantage of this killer Black Friday deal and heck, if we don't like it, we'll be able to return it! $800 off PLUS we got $500 worth of sheets and pillows!

New King Bedframe: Obviously we need a new bedframe for our new king bed. And holy smokes if you thought you had to spend a lot on a mattress, beds can be just as expensive! We decided to go for something more affordable Only $191 (plus $80 of shipping but that's $270 for a new bed!!)

Nightstands: Since we went ahead and bought the mattress and new bed, we figured we might as well get a black Friday deal on some new nightstands too. These are already relatively inexpensive but the deal makes them a total steal. We'll have to assemble them when they get here but we figured that's worth the hundreds of dollars we're saving. Aren't they beautiful?! 40% off, only$139 each

I took advantage of a deal on a standing desk base to finally upgrade my work-from-home situation.

Standing Desk Motorized Base: Ok ask Casmir; I've been talking about and thinking about and researching a standing desk / walking treadmill situation for months. I've looked into every possible version of standing desk on the internet and finally decided I want to DIY my own with a separate base and top to get the perfect size and fit. I was planning to spend a lot more than this on a base but when I saw this deal had good reviews, I decided to go for it. Only $155, that's $84 off

Desk Treadmill Walking Pad: Again, I've done a ton of research on these for months and this is the one i knew I wanted. When I saw it had a coupon, I went ahead and grabbed it. I am SO excited to deck out my office and get my steps in while I work! $50 off

(If you're curious about the whole new walking/standing desk situation, I'm planning to do a video about it on my YouTube channel with how I'm DIYing it. Stay tuned!)

I snagged a few pieces from Aerie to upgrade my work-from-home wardrobe.

40% off on Aerie Loungewear: Aerie has long been my go-to for cute but comfy loungewear (aka the work from home dream), and when I saw they were having 40% off I knew it was worth trying a few new pieces. I'm trying the new flare leggings and the Buttercream sweater! 40% off

And two random purchases that I'm actually weirdly excited for:

Waterproof Shower Speaker: Casmir and I both like to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while in the bathroom/shower, but even with my phone at full blast I can't fully hear over the sound of the water running and fan roaring. We've joked about getting a Bluetooth speaker for the bathroom for a while, so when I saw this had great ratings and was only $12, we knew we had to try it. Only $12

Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount: Ok we both have had the regular version of this exact phone mount for years and we love it. It's such an easy and safe way to keep your phone hands-free, especially when using navigation. I decided to upgrade to the version that also charges my phone everytime I slap it on there and I'm actually very giddy about it. 20% off, only $27

And of course, I stocked up on #6, 7 and 8 above.

Wow, that was a lot of consumerism. But I love little more than a good deal and it felt so good to make some purchases we've been thinking about for years.

I hope these deals help you stock up on a healthier home at a great price!

Happy shopping!


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