3 Simple Steps to Clearing Candida Naturally and For Good

My signature 3-step approach to clearing candida and healing your gut for good:

  1. Clear The Yeast: You have to not only kill the excess yeast but also clear it out of your system. You can do that with:
    • Starving the yeast by not eating the sugars and foods that fuel it
    • Including nature's fungicides
    • Taking an antifungal rx if necessary
    • Supporting the body's natural detox to limit the die off symptoms
  2. Restore The Microbiome: You have to replenish with good bacteria to build up a strong, balanced microbiome. You can do that with:
    • Taking probiotic supplements (This one is my favorite)
    • Eating probiootic-rich foods
    • Eating prebiotic-rich foods to support the establishment of the healthy bacteria
  3. Heal The Gut Lining: You have to repair the damage done by the excess yeast. You can do that with:
    • Consuming collagen-rich foods like bone broth
    • Taking a collagen supplement
    • Taking additional tissue-building supportive supplements
  4. Bonus: Giving the gut a break to heal with digestive enzymes!

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Ready to treat candida for good? It's easy! Use these 3 simple steps to clear candida naturally and for good. Details on what makes a good candida diet, how to cure candida naturally and permanently, and the strongest candida killer. Treat your leaky gut for lasting relief!


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