The 7 Best Purchases I Made in 2020

I know right now everyone and their mother is sharing their “gift guides” with ideas for what to get the people in your life for the holidays. I did that a few years ago with this guide, but you voted you'd rather see a round-up of the purchases I've already made that I love, so here they are!

As I reflected on what purchases I’ve made that I really love, what items I interact with on a daily basis that bring me joy and make my life easier, I loved realizing how little I purchased this year. We’ve made a big focus on simplifying and thinking twice before making new purchases and it’s been a sweet reflection to realize how much of an impact that’s made on the things I added this year. That’s not to say we haven’t spent money, because LOL if you know we purchased two homes and have done two full-on renovations. We’ve definitely spent money this year, we’ve just made a big effort to make sure we’re investing it well and not mindlessly spending. 

So in that spirit, I wanted to share with y’all the purchases I have made in 2020 that I know were worth every single penny and that bring joy and ease to my days. 

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01 // Kindle

I am a hardcore hold-the-book-in-my-hand, write-and-highlight-in-it kind of person, so I was very resistant to this purchase for a long time. But I found I was either a) spending $10-20 every time I wanted to read a new book, or b) having to make the trek to our local library to rent a new one, hoping it was in stock, often waiting for the books I actually wanted, etc. 

I got the Kindle Paperwhite and I’m truly obsessed with it. I love that it’s waterproof so I can read in the bathtub or in the pool, and I love that it allows me to do the black background and white text with a really dimmable screen for softer reading. It is nothing like reading on a phone or a screen, which was very important to me because I’m really intentional about screentime before bed so I love that it’s a) easier on my eyes and b) a reading-only device so I can’t get distracted by emails or Instagram or texts. Oh, one battery charge seriously lasts me 5-6 weeks! 

I use the Libby app to instantly download digital books from my local library and send them straight to my Kindle for free and it’s genuinely helped me read so much more. I think I’ve plowed through 20+ books since I got this in June and I just love it. I’m on the Kindle train, y’all. Join me!

SHOP → Kindle Paperwhite $130

02 // Revlon Brush Blowdryer 

I am here to say this is definitely one of those worth-the-hype products. It makes my hair so soft, it saves me so much time and effort, and I just love the convenience of one little device. I brush my hair after the shower, try to let it airdry for a bit, then blow it out with this and it’s perfect every time. It helps give it volume I found I could never get without it. 

SHOP → Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer Brush $60

03 // Santal Diffuser Oil

Does your home have a signature scent? I knew as we were working hard to create our new home I wanted it to be a place friends and family felt cared for a loved in. And let’s just be real, smelling good is a part of that. So when you watch our renovation updates on Instagram and see beautiful pictures of the Mason Manor, just know that THIS is what my home smells like. 

I’m obsessed with this scent – It’s the perfect blend of natural and earthy but a true perfumy scent and not just a typical essential oil. I have it diffusing everywhere in our house in this beautiful ceramic diffuser, I drop a little on our dryer balls so our clothes smell like it, and I have it in a spray bottle to spray on our blankets/couch/linens. It’s that good. 

SHOP → Santal Oil 0.33oz $18 // Santal Oil 4oz $90 // Ceramic Diffuser $45

04 // Slippers + House Shoes

I’ve never been a big slipper person (mostly because I spent most of my life in sunny California) but this year I got a bad case of plantar fasciitis and walking barefoot on our hardwood floors in the morning was killing my feet. So I ordered no joke 8 different pairs of slippers to try and these memory foam ones have been so good. They’re soft and cozy, and they’re really supportive for my heels. 

I also got these slides to wear around the house, too and I love having both. These are great because they’re not just soft-soled slippers; they’re rubber bottomed and waterproof so I can wear them to take the trash out or get the mail. And they don’t get my feet too hot when it’s anything other than freezing, but they’re still cozy to trot around in. 

SHOP → Memory foam slippers $23 // Fuzzy slides $18

05 // Salt Lamp Nightlights 

I got my bedside salt lamp 5 years ago and have loved it always. The salt helps to detox and cleanse the air, and it gives the most beautiful soft, warm light that feels like candlelight! I put mine on every night as I’m starting my wind-down routine and I slowly dim it as I’m reading before bed and it helps put me out fast. 

These little plug-in nightlights have been the perfect way to bring that ambiance into our bathroom and our kitchen. And I love that I can pee in the middle of the night or go out into the kitchen at 4:30 in the morning and not have to flip on an intensely bright light. 

SHOP → Nightlights set of 2 $23 // Large bedside lamp $27

06 // The Mason Manor

Ok I know this is a little silly to have on this list as it’s not something you can add to your cart, but when reflecting on the best purchases I made in 2020, I’d be remiss to leave our beautiful new home off the list! It’s no doubt the best purchase we made in 2020 because it’s the best investment. It’s given us a safe space to call home, to create in, to love our family in, and it’s been a wise financial investment that is helping set us up for future success. 

If you aren’t already a homeowner, I’ve got a FREE Complete Home Buyer’s Guide you can download as a resource if you want to consider the process of purchasing a home. 

07 // Oversized Freestanding Tub 

I can’t even tell you how much joy this tub brings me. Baths are such a special self-care moment for me, and this extra long tub is so comfortable.  

Throw in the waterproof Kindle and my detox bath salts and it’s wind-down-routine perfection

SHOP → 67” Freestanding Tub $565

And because I realize so many of my ride-or-die, this-thing-saves-my life purchases weren’t made in 2020, here’s some that don’t make this 2020 list but are worth mentioning if you don’t already have them:

Berkey Water Filter // 13 Kitchen Essentials I Can't Live Without // All My Favorites (in one place!)

This is not a sponsored blog post. All of these opinions are my own and all of these items were purchased with my own money. Some of these are affiliate links, though, so if you do purchase through them you’ll be helping support the blog! Thank you for contributing to helping me make more free, valuable content for y’all!


Check out these purchases I loved for your 2020 gift inspiration. This 2020 Gift Guide will help with your wish list and shopping list.


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