24 Hours In Oklahoma City

Casmir + I made a pact before we got married that we wouldn’t ever exchange gifts. We love adventure and experiences and quality time, and we would much rather invest money we might spend on jewelry or clothes or toys to instead create memories we could cherish. With that, we’ve made it a goal to travel somewhere new every year to celebrate our anniversary. Last year, it was San Antonio. This year, after losing our sweet friend Phil, we found ourselves the weekend before our anniversary realizing we never planned a trip. We were tempted to just stay home, but we wanted to honor that promise to each other and find a place to get away. Since we didn’t want to drop 49347934 dollars into last minute plane tickets, we drew a 3-hour-drive circle around Fort Worth and landed on Oklahoma City. Neither of us had ever been nor really planned to go, but we had such a sweet 24-hours that I wanted to share them with you. 

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Stitch Cafe | We stopped for a hike on the drive up, so by the time we got to the City we were starved. But we didn’t want to fill up too much just a couple hours before dinner so we found Stitch to be the perfect spot. We shared a latte and two gluten free avo toasts and sat for a bit to enjoy the edgy coffee-shop vibes. 

Airbnb | I can’t say OKC was high on my “cities I’m dying to visit” list, but I found this adorable Airbnb and it sealed the deal on making the short drive.  Just the cutest. The perfect little spot for us for a night of sleep and our sweet little tradition of reading our vows. 

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Midtown |  We freshened up after the sweaty hike, then we hit the town with no plan other than where we wanted to hit up for dinner. We parked in Midtown and just wandered for a bit. We actually lucked out because they were having a little fall festival with some of the streets shut down for local artists and vendors, so we just enjoyed the local flair. 

Packard's | Oh my gosh y’all, I still dream about these brussels. Packard’s was such a cute little spot and their menu did not disappoint. We shared a wine flight, these brussels with jalapeño, cashews, a bacon (yes.), and a super-delicious-and-not-as-boring-as-it-sounds chicken with veggies and mashed potatoes. So incredibly yummy, all of it. 

Capitals | We definitely left Packard’s full, but that didn’t stop us from scouting out a sweet treat. And Capitals was exactly our kind! They’ve basically got a make-your-own McFlurry type set up, but the best part – they have coconut milk ice cream! You can choose from a whole long list of toppings to throw in your ice cream and they blend it all up. I added banana and chocolate to my coconut milk base and it was dairy-free heaven. 

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Aurora Breakfast | My pre-trip research of OKC left me drooling over all the breakfast spots. So naturally, we went to two. We started at Aurora. Cas got their famous sausage egg biscuits drenched in gravy. And I enjoyed a grapefruit brûlée and some greens, saving some room in my stomach for the next stop. 

Syrup | Syrup was everything. When I saw they had gluten free cinnamon roll pancakes, I knew I didn’t even have an option. We shared the sugar-filled goodness with a side of protein, and we enjoyed the super dreamy vibes of a bright Sunday morning brunch.  

Commonplace Books | After filling up with breakfast, we spent some time just roaming the city. And Commonplace was the perfect spot to sit in our post-carb haze. It’s a colorful Scandinavian book-lovers dream and I could’ve stayed for hours. 

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Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum | We knew the OKC memorial was a must, and man it was so well done. Such a great tribute and honor to the victims of the horrible bombing. And the perfect October day made it all the more breathtaking. 

Broadway | Our hour-long walk down Broadway was possibly my favorite part. We just strolled along and popped in to any storefront that called to us. I love that OKC is small enough that it’s not overwhelmed with the big name brands, so the mom-and-pop shops just shine even brighter. So many sweet decor and goods shops we really enjoyed perusing. 

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Kitchen No. 324 | We were honestly still full from breakfast by the time we were ready to hit the road back to the Fort, but I just had to see Kicthen No. 324. So we shared a totally delicious steak chopped salad as an excuse to just enjoy the beautiful restaurant and we definitely enjoyed both parts. It was stunning in the afternoon soaked in light, but I bet it’s so romantic at night by candlelight. A really sweet spot. 

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Thanks for the love, OKC. You were everything we needed you to be – a short escape from real life to celebrate year two of marriage. I’m not sure if we’ll ever see you again, but we sure enjoyed you.

If you’re heading to the City, I hope this little recap of our trip gives you some ideas for how to spend your time! If you visit any of these spots, come back and let me know what you thought. xx, molls


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