NOW Candida Support Supplement: A Nutritionist’s Review

Let's talk about the NOW Candida Support supplements. 

Now Candida Support Supplements

As a gut health nutritionist, I always have clients and readers writing in asking about my thoughts on particular supplements so I want to give you my honest review on this one. 

But before we can get to evaluating this supplement’s effectiveness in fighting candida, let’s make sure you understand what a candida overgrowth really is and what causes it.

What is Candida Overgrowth?

What exactly is candida overgrowth and why should you care? 

Candida albicans is a naturally occurring yeast strain that typically resides in the gut. And it’s meant to be there. 

In fact, you have over 100 trillion little bugs that live there. Your gut microbiome is a combination of bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and even viruses that all live in a very delicate balance. These microorganisms do all sorts of important jobs, from digesting your food to helping your immune system stay on point. 

But what triggers candida to go into overdrive? There are many factors that cause candida. A diet high in sugars and refined carbs is a perfect feast for candida. It's like providing it with an ideal environment to thrive. Stress can be a contributing factor to it's overgrowth as well. 

Then, there's the matter of antibiotics. They can create a shift in the dynamic by affecting the beneficial microbes in your gut. Because antibiotics aren’t able to just target the specific bad strain of bacteria causing your infection. They kill all the bacteria in your system including the really important kind that your gut needs to function. This creates an opportunity for candida to gain prominence. And if your immune system isn't functioning at its peak, candida can take advantage.

How can you tell if candida is causing these disruptions? Look out for some key indicators. Feeling consistently fatigued, as if it's lingering? That's a clue. And those persistent digestive issues? Candida might be a contributing factor. Also, if you're dealing with recurring yeast infections, that's another sign that candida might be more active than usual.

You can watch this video for an overview of the 8 most common candida signs I see in clients ↓ 

Managing candida can be quite tricky. As a nutritionist, I've worked with hundreds of clients dealing with bothersome symptoms like digestive problems, fatigue, and even skin issues, all linked to candida overgrowth. 

A Review of the NOW Candida Support Supplements

Let's dive straight into the heart of the matter – the NOW Candida Support supplements. These little powerhouses, encapsulated in 90 veg capsules.

What's truly commendable is that these supplements go beyond candida support. While they are meant to clear candida albicans from the gut, they also contribute to an overall sense of well-being This reflects their holistic approach for a better gut health.

Right from the label, it's evident that these supplements prioritize quality ingredients. The blend is full of natural ingredients, carefully chosen to tackle candida overgrowth and promote a balanced gut environment. Let's review the ingredients found in NOW Candida Support and learn how they work:

A Review of Ingredients in Now Candida Support Supplement

Let's get up close and personal with the key ingredients that form the backbone of NOW Candida Support‘s potent formula. The careful selection is evident, as they have been tailored meticulously to tackle candida overgrowth in an effective way. I must say, it's fascinating to see how these ingredients work together to address this issue head-on.

First on the list are the herbal extracts – Black Walnut, Oregano, and Pau D'Arco. These natural powerhouses can work like the frontline defenders against candida imbalance. They work in synergy, targeting and addressing the overgrowth effectively.

Then we have the digestive enzymes, protease and cellulase. Think of them as the biochemical assistants. Protease aids in breaking down proteins, while Cellulase handles the cellulose in candida cell walls, helping to weaken their structure.

Last, the probiotics – L. acidophilus and B. bifidum. These friendly bacteria act as harmonizers, fostering a balanced gut environment where candida's influence is kept in check. Their presence is pivotal in maintaining a healthy equilibrium.

I had the pleasure of touring the NOW factories a few years back and I can tell you with confidence: they take their quality seriously. They go beyond the basics, taking into consideration a range of dietary needs. The capsules are thoughtfully manufactured without wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, or shellfish ingredients. Furthermore, the production takes place within a GMP facility, which also handles other ingredients containing these allergens. This foresight extends to the remaining ingredients, which include garlic, olive leaf extract, cat's claw, wormwood herb, silica, magnesium stearate (vegetable source), and cellulose powder.

An additional feather in NOW Candida Support's cap is its non-GMO status, reflecting a commitment to quality and health-conscious choices. This makes it evident that NOW Candida Support prioritizes not just the effectiveness of its formula, but also takes into consideration the diverse dietary preferences and needs of its consumers.

Now Candida Support Ratings and Reviews

So, let's chat about Candida Support's ratings and what people are saying.

The ratings alone are pretty telling – a steady flow of satisfied customers speaks volumes about the effectiveness of this supplement. Reading through the reviews, I've noticed a common thread of positive feedback. People are sharing how NOW Candida Support has made a noticeable impact on their well-being. From a boost in energy to a sense of relief from nagging digestive discomfort, it's encouraging to see the changes this product is bringing about.

What strikes me even more is the holistic approach of NOW Candida Support. It's not just about targeting candida imbalance; it's about the bigger picture. The blend of herbal extracts, enzymes, probiotics, and essential B vitamins seems to resonate with those looking for a well-rounded solution.

Now, let's keep it real – everyone's journey is unique. Some reviewers have highlighted that consistent usage is key. And honestly, that makes sense. After all, building a healthy gut takes time and dedication.

So, if you're anything like me – always curious and seeking out what's really worth it – I'd say dive into those candid reviews. They might just offer you some insights into how Candida Support could be a valuable addition to your wellness journey. 

But even after singing the praises of NOW as a company and this great product they’ve formulated, I still need to make sure you understand something: this supplement alone will not fix your candida overgrowth. 

Are Supplements All You Need to Get Rid of Candida Overgrowth? 

So, you're wondering if supplements are all you need to clear your candida overgrowth and get that sought-after gut health glow-up, right? As a seasoned gut health nutritionist, let me tell you straight up – the answer is a resounding no.

Now, don't get me wrong. Supplements definitely play a crucial part in maintaining the health of your gut. Things like probiotics, prebiotics, fiber supplements – they can really help balance your gut flora, especially if it's been disrupted by illness, stress, or a less-than-ideal diet. But they're not a magic bullet. They're a part of the equation, not the whole solution.

Nine out of 10 people have an imbalanced gut (ahem, most likely you!) and supplements alone will not fix it. You have to take the proper steps with to clear any bacterial or fungal overgrowth, restore your microbiome, repair your gut lining and get your body to a place of safety in order to find lasting relief. 

I’ve helped hundreds of clients in my Gut Glow program clear their candida, improve their gut health and see real transformations like reduced bloating, clearer skin, more energy, better moods, reduced anxiety, and more. 

And I’m going to teach you exactly how I do it in my Gut Health Masterclass! I’m hosting this free training to help you understand what might be contributing to your gut imbalances and, most importantly, I’ll share with you my 4-pillar approach to fix it for good. Save your spot in the next session of this free training and grab a pen to take some notes; I’ll see you inside! 


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