I'm madly in love with my stud of a husband (even when he doesn't shut the cabinet doors) and I can get a little too into true crime documentaries. I've been called a "life enthusiast" and I'm a recovering people pleaser. I used to be terrified of failure, but I'm finally coming to a place of seeing the beauty in my brokenness and embracing new and hard things for all that they are. 

i'm a nutritionist, dog mom, autoimmune warrior, and ice cream aficionado.

I'm Mollie!


Professional home organizer.

Office supply shopping.

World Market.

Finding my husband's keys.

The trails with my hubs + pup.

"Not Today Satan" by KB + Andy Mineo.

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Guilty pleasure:

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gunner snuggles.

Just a few of the things I can't imagine life without.




bubble baths.

He's every bit as sassy and sweet as he looks and he makes our life infinitely better.

Give me a carry-on and a new city to explore and you'll never see me happier.

Epsom salts. Essential oils. Flower petals. Worship music. Scorching hot water. I'm a sucker for a good soak.

Gluten free, of course. Homemade, gourmet, store bought - I love it all. But it's basically a weekly necessity in our household.

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Life is hard and darkness is real. For me, it's been chronic illness diagnoses and years of slavery to food. Maybe for you it's loss or addiction or pain. Lies that we aren't enough. Not feeling good in our skin. Not believing in our gifts. Shame over our past.

These are the things that keep us hidden.
These are the things that keep us in the darkness.

But let's get to the real stuff of why we're actually here.

Because all the light in the world is already inside you.

but we don't have to stay there.

And freedom comes - wellness happens - when you call the darkness what it is and choose the light instead.

That's why, in this space, we'll address mental health. I'll share with you the pain I've walked through and we won't shy away from ugly things. But we'll call it darkness and we'll choose the light.

Because when you know who you are, when you stop believing lies and agree with truth, when you are firm in your gifts and clear on your mission—you shine your brightest light. 

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Together, we're going to fight the lies that keep us hidden so we can show up for our

Brightest Lives.

ephesians 5 : 8 - 14

food freedom story

14 Fun Facts About Me


Come Join the 'Gram party



14 fun facts about me

14 Fun Facts About Me


Come Join the 'Gram party


Come join the 'gram party


14 Fun Facts About Me


Come Join the 'Gram party


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